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Optical Science and Engineering

Students in the minor program in Optical Science and Engineering receive a broad introduction to optics as well as to specialized applications related to optical research activities on campus. New Mexico Tech's areas of research include adaptive optics, interferometry, wavefront propagation, atmospheric turbulence, polarimetry and applications to directed energy, astronomy and communications.

The prime optical research site at New Mexico Tech is the Magdalena Ridge Observatory (MRO), a dedicated astronomical observatory that will support a large optical interferometer and a 2.4m single telescope. This facility provides a world‐class facility for scientific research in optics, optical controls and astronomical science applications. On campus, the Etscorn Observatory provides access to commercial telescopes and imaging cameras.

A Tech student may earn a minor in Optical Science and Engineering as part of a Bachelor of Science degree. While fulfilling the requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree the student must complete a minimum of ten (10) hours of core optics courses, three (3) hours of electromagnetic theory, and at least five (5) additional hours from approved optional courses.

Minor in Optical Science and Engineering

Minor Program

For the latest information on the Minor in Optical Science and Engineering, please visit the NMT Course Catalog (PDF).