Department of Physics


Physicists ask the most fundamental questions about science.  Why are we here?  What are we made of?  What happens if I run 100,000 Amps through a gas or have a magnetic field with more energy per volume than TNT?  Physicists at Tech are specifically fascinated by phenomena in the Earth's atmosphere and in deep space.  We have active groups in astrophysics and atmospheric physics



This video provides a glimpse of what it's like to be a student in the Physics Department at New Mexico Tech.  It was created by Physics PhD student Daniel Jensen.



Graduates 2023

Congratulations to the 2023 physics graduates. Congratulations to Alisha Roberts (fourth from the right) for receiving the 2023 Brown Award. 

APS 2022 Tatiana

Photo of Tatiana at the APS 4CS meeting.


Henry spent the week of Aug 28-Sept 3 at an Astrophysics International Summer School hosted by the University of Padova in Asiago, Italy.  He is working with some of the foremost astrophysics theorists in the US – Lee Anne Willson at Iowa State University and Joyce Guzik at Los Alamos National Laboratory – on modeling the end stages of AGB stars.  The selection process for the Summer School was competitive with only 3 dozen young researchers in attendance.  The School hosted experts in astronomy and astrophysics from around Europe to lecture on topics including stellar evolution, compact objects, gravitational waves, and new and planned astronomical facilities from both theoretical and observational perspectives.  Henry’s dissertation will be enhanced by the most recent theories he has learned about as part of this School.


Mountaintop lab in New Mexico is on the cutting edge of lightning research



This southward- looking Google Earth image shows the path of the balloon, which reached a maximum height of 17 km altitude.  The Rio Grande Valley runs down the center of the image and the Magdalena Mountains appear on the right.