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Dining at New Mexico Tech

Dining at New Mexico Tech is a great aspect to living on campus. Chartwells, our food service provider, continually strives to improve the dining services to students at New Mexico Tech. We have several venues and meal plan options available to our residents and student population. While every person who lives in a residence hall must purchase a meal plan, the many options available are sure to fit your needs.

For more information about dining and specific meal times, please visit the Chartwells website http://www.dineoncampus.com/nmt/.

It is mandatory for all undergraduate residents to purchase a meal plan.  The size of the meal plan required depends on the student’s living arrangements.

Meal Plan Choices for Residence Hall Students:

Meal Plan Choices for Alta Residents:

Alta Students may also purchase any of the larger plans listed above.

Meal Plan Choices for Graduate Students and Off-Campus Students:

The number of meals is per week forthe halls, and per semester for Alta.  Meals remaining at the end of the semester cannot be carried over to the next semester.  No refunds will be given for meals not eaten.

Tech Dollars work like cash and are accepted at the Fire And Ice coffee bar, which is just outside the dining room on the ground floor of Fidel.

The dining hall features all-you-can-eat pizza, Mexican food, salad bar, sandwich bar, pasta bar, stir-fry bar, made-to-order grill items, and dessert bar.

Fire and Ice coffee shop proudly serves Solar Roast coffee, the best fruit smoothies in town, pastries, snacks, cold drinks, and grab-and-go meal items, and is the perfect spot for a late night snack. Cash, credit cards and Tech dollars are all accepted.

Housing and Meal Plan Rate Schedule:

Rates for the next academic year are available in April/May of each year.  

Meal Plan Information

Meal Plan Requirements:

All students living in traditional residence halls must be enrolled in at least the Bronze Plan.   Traditional residence halls include Baca, South, West, Presidents, and Driscoll.

All undergraduate single students living Alta must be enrolled in at least the Trail Rider Plan.  

What are Tech Dollars?

Tech Dollars work like cash and are accepted at the Fire and Ice Coffee Bar, which is just outside the dining room on the ground floor of Fidel. Tech dollars can be used to purchase menu items from the dining room as well.

Switching Plans:

Students can change meal plans through the first Wednesday of the semester. After that day the meal plan you have will be locked in for the whole semester. If a student changes rooms within the first three weeks of the semester to a building that allows a smaller meal plan, he/she may change it through the third week of the semester.

Special Dietary Needs:

Students who require a special diet are encouraged to speak directly with our Food Service Director and Executive Chef.  These two individuals will do what is necessary to ensure that your dietary needs are met.

Do Meals Carry Over?

Meals and Tech Dollars do not carry forward from semester to semester.  However, if a student runs low on meals there is a variety of smaller plans that can be purchased at any time.