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NMT Housing & Residential Life

Housing Cancellation Policy

As written in the Housing Room & Board Application and License Agreement:

  1. Students entering University Housing for an upcoming semester may cancel their Housing Room & Board Application and License Agreement without financial penalty when a written request to cancel is made to the Office of Housing and Residential Life via email (Residential_Life@nmt.edu) by:
    • June 1 (for fall semester)
    • December 1 (for spring semester)
    • May 1 (for summer semester)
  2. Students who have not checked into their assigned residential space by the first day of classes for the respective term will be charged a $400 fee for breaking their Housing License Agreement.
  3. Housing Room and Board cancellation requests made after the first day of classes are NOT eligible for a refund.
  4. Students residing in University Housing in the fall semester who desire to cancel their Housing License Agreement for the following Spring semester will still be held responsible to the financial obligations of their Housing License Agreement (i.e., all Room & Board fees) if they remain enrolled at the University.