Kelly Mine Camp


KMLC class of 2022

KMC 23






August 11-16, 2024

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Kelly Mine Camp (KMC) provides incoming freshmen students an opportunity to participate in a 4-day retreat geared towards assisting with the transition from high school to college life.

Yes, we know College is all about learning, but learning can happen outside the classroom and can be fun too. Here is your chance to learn about New Mexico Tech (NMT) and to create your own successful “inside track.” You will be led by undergraduate students already at NMT who embody the 'Miner Spirit' and who are great examples of what it means to successfully transition and excel as a college student.

Activities include:

• Exploring Your Strengths
• Setting Yourself up for Success at NMT
• Ways to Get Involved
• Small Group Opportunities
• Ropes Course
• Service Project
• Interactive Activities around Values, Navigating Differences, Communication, and Identity 

Check out information from our first Kelly Mine Camp.  

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