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NMT Auxiliary Services

Our Mission

To advance the educational and social missions of the college by providing a variety of services to support campus life for students, faculty, staff, and alumni and guests of the university, while remaining financially self-supporting.

Required Forms for Events on NMT Campus

All events taking place on NMT campus are required to submit an NMT Activity & Special Event request form. 

This form provides approval that the event meets the parameters and requirements of COVID-19 protocols.  

This form also provides authorization for the location of the event and also provides notice to campus police that the activity will be taking place.

Students also need to add the event to the NMT EVENT CALENDAR

 Some locations will also require additional documents such as the Table Use agreement or the SAC reservation form. The SGA also has another event grant form that may also need to be completed.

Auxiliary Services Departments


Nowka Gutierrez Director, Auxiliary Services 575-835-6652 Student Life Auxiliary Services nowka.gutierrez@nmt.edu
Tristine Hayward Assistant Director, Auxiliary Services 575-835-5181 Student Life Auxiliary Services tristine.hayward@nmt.edu 
Veronica Benavidez Auxiliary Services Unit Coordinator 575-835-5050 Student Life Auxiliary Services veronica.benavidez@nmt.
Jazmine Vargas  Auxiliary Services Specialist 575-835-5905 Student Life  Auxiliary Services jazmine.vargas@nmt.edu

NMT SAC Auditorium-

Contact Information

New Mexico Tech Auxiliary Services
Fidel Building 2nd Floor 247
801 Leroy Place
Socorro, NM  87801
p: 575-835-5050