About Us


The Division of Student Life enhances the New Mexico Tech Mission through the creation of holistic growth opportunities that promote well-being, diversity, and the development of interpersonal skills that support students to engage as inclusive global citizens.


The Division of Student Life aspires to empower students to be engaged, inclusive, courageous, collaborative innovators.



We exemplify accountability and we promote responsible stewardship in a just and equitable way.


We believe in community and belonging and the importance of being civically and culturally engaged in its development.


We provide leadership opportunities that explore knowledge, communication, and courage.


We honor and celebrate one another through diversity, equity, and inclusion.


We believe we can find joy and fulfillment by embracing experiences that challenge us to learn, develop, and grow.


We ignite creativity and curiosity through transformative experiences that promote an entrepreneurial spirit.

Strategic Goal Themes

Support Student Success

Theme Champions: Angela Gautier and Theresa Kappel

Celebrate Differences

Theme Champions: Sabino Grijalva, Bobbi Lesperance and Tyler Melvin

Promote Well-Being

Theme Champions: Melissa Begay, Koreen Kerfoot and Randy Saavedra

Cultivate Innovation and Collaboration

Theme Champions: Nowka Gutierrez and Ronna Kalish

Establish Effective Communication 

Theme Champions: Tristine Hayward, Mitch Tappen and Michael Voegerl

Provide Leadership and Social Engagement Opportunities

Theme Champions: Dana Chavez and Gloria Gutierrez-Anaya