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NMT Auxiliary Services

Apartment Communities

Two affordable and convenient apartment communities are available on campus and are open to graduate students and families.  Graduate student apartments offer furnished spaces with living rooms, full kitchens and on-site laundry facilities.  Family apartments are unfurnished spaces with a variety of close proximity offerings to parks, recreational facilities and elementary schools.  Mountain Springs Apartments offers individual single bedroom apartment living for graduate students as well as spacious two bedroom apartment living for student with families.  Desert Willow Apartments offers townhouse style two bedroom apartments in a quiet corner of campus aimed at supporting graduate students.


Mountain Springs Apartments are located on the southwest corner of Bullock Blvd. and El Camino Real St. and offer campus living closer to the community.  

Desert Willow Apartments are located in the southwest corner of campus on Romero Dr. off of Neel Dr.


All mail should be addressed to your student mail box on campus, including deliveries needing a physical address.    


Student Name
PO Box 1234
Socorro, NM 87801


All correspondence regarding apartment living should be made with the Auxiliary Services Office by emailing: or by calling 575-835-5905.

Who Can Live in the Apartments?

Application Process

  1. Online via Banweb (Deposit Instructions)
  2. Call the cashier’s Office at 575-835-5515 to pay via card
  3. Mail a check payable to “New Mexico Tech” with the students 900 ID number in the memo line to: Apartment Housing –NMT
    Auxiliary Services
    801 Leroy Place
    Socorro, NM 87801

New Mexico Tech Housing Agreement

 Apartment Prices

  • Grad Students
    One bedroom single apartment -$850
    Single bedroom shared apartment -$735
    One space in double bedroom in shared apartment $605
  • Families
    New Families are being assigned into MSA ONLY
    Standard 2 bedroom $900
    Large 2 bedroom $975
  • Families in Desert Willow on Grandfather Clause
    Townhouse 2 bedroom $900
  • Undergraduate (Currently being assigned to Desert Willow)
    Single bedroom shared apartment -$735
    One space in double bedroom in shared apartment $605

Meal Plans

  • Meal plan information can be found here.
  • Students without meal plans can purchase meals, billed to their student account. A minimum of 25 meals must be purchased at one time.
  • Students can purchase a single meal ticket upfront at the Chartwells counter. Prices vary by meal being served.