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NMT Facilities Management

Mechanical & Utility Systems

Jason Hebert, Associate Director, Mechanical Engineer

The Associate Director works with Managers, Supervisors to maintain, implement and oversee the operation of electrical, plumbing and heating/ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and building controls modules throughout campus. Oversees mechanical systems aspects of new construction projects.

Energy Conservation and Management. NM Tech recently initiated this unique area of utility related services for the purpose of developing and managing special projects and energy building audits to evaluate building performance and establish baselines for energy consumption, to realize optimal energy usage and utility savings.

Scott Bunning, Utility Systems Manager

Manages the Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC crews.

Electrical Crew

Responsible for the maintenance, repair and installation of electrical systems throughout campus. Systems include interior and exterior lighting, high voltage electrical distribution, electric motors, pumps, elevators, centralized clock system, temporary power for campus special events, generators, and all other power needs. All campus coordination with Socorro Electric Coop happens through this office.

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Plumbing Crew

Responsible for all chilled water systems, domestic/potable water systems, natural gas lines, industrial water systems, backflow preventers, compressed air systems, RO water systems, DI water systems, sanitary waste lines & sewers, acid waste systems. Plumbing fixtures include, but not limited to, toilets, lavatories, drinking fountains, eyewash stations, emergency showers, lab sinks, kitchen sinks, bathroom showers/tubs, etc. All campus coordination with City of Socorro Water Department happens through this office.

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Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning (HVAC) Crew

Responsible for all heating systems, refrigerated air & chilled-water cooling systems, ventilation & exhaust systems throughout campus. There are varieties of HVAC systems utilized in our campus buildings. Not every building is the same.

Several of our buildings are considered “Smart Buildings” utilizing a computerized control system for the HVAC system. The building automation system strives for improved occupant comfort, efficient operation of building systems, reduction in energy consumption and operating costs. It allows Facilities Management to remotely monitor the systems and adjust the equipment and thermostats.

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Jason Hebert – Associate Director, Mechanical Engineer

Phone- (575) 835-5832

Email- jason.hebert@nmt.edu 

Scott Bunning – Utility Systems Manager

Phone- (575) 835-5718

Email- scott.bunning@nmt.edu 

Patrick Murillo – Plumbing & HVAC Supervisor

Phone- (575) 835-5356

Email- patrick.murillo@nmt.edu