Resources for current Mech Eng Students

Current Student Resources

Undergraduate Registration Resources

Registration Planning tools

Registration for the next semester starts each semester shortly after midterm grades are released. Students should prepare a draft schedule and discuss it with a dept faculty advisor to get their advising APIN.

 How to Take Charge of Your Learning

Registration Process Tips Peer Advice on Reducing Stress Tips from a 1st generation student Financial Aid Tips Changing your MajorWhen and How to Withdraw from a class

Student Forms

The registrar’s website provides forms for adding or dropping classes, intent to graduate, residency forms, and academic warning. On the financial aid website, there are resources for working on campus, applying for scholarships, loans, and FAFSA.

First Semester Mech Eng Support:

The Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design course (Meng 110) is structured to help students transition to life at NMT as well as introduce basic engineering tools including coding, drafting, and teamwork.  The class introduces students to alumni working in various organizations ranging from National Labs to private industry. The graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants (TA’s) who support this class have developed the above resources to help new students succeed.

Academic Advising:

First Semester students are assigned to one of 4 Faculty advisors in the Mechanical Engineering Department that specialize in new student advising.  After the 1st-semester students are split among all faculty in the Mechanical Engineering Department for academic advising.  Connect with a new student advisor

The advisor guides the student through the duration of the program, aiding in course selection, finding internships, scholarships, research opportunities, and options for graduate school. Any issues a student encounters in a course can be aided by the advisor. The relationship developed between the advisor and the student serves as another support system for the student’s educational career.  Students have the ability to change their advisor at any time to someone in their subject area using a change advisor form.

NM Tech offers a variety of student support services

Social Connections:

Students in the mechanical engineering program have the opportunity to connect with and support each other through two Discord Channels In addition to student connection, the channels share information on department events and resources. The Freshman Discord channel is run by the Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design Instructor, Dr. O’Malley, with the department-wide student channel run by a student representative. 

To get access to either channel email Dr. O’Malley.

Student Clubs

Mech Eng Student Club Activities

The Mechanical Engineering dept hosts a number of national student clubs including ASME, SAE, and AIAA as well as participates in a variety of other campus organizations.