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NMT Academic Affairs

Faculty Development

At New Mexico Tech we support ongoing professional development of faculty.  This includes hosting guest speakers and running workshops on a variety of topics.  We also have regularly scheduled focused training events, such as those described below.


Faculty Development Week

Every year the Office of Academic Affairs organizes workshops for the week prior to the beginning of the fall semester on a variety of topics of interest to faculty.  If you have suggestions for future workshops or guest speakers contact Peter Mozley.

2018 Faculty Development Week Schedule.

Video recordings of selected workshops.


Orientation for New Faculty

Prior to the beginning of the fall semester the Office of Academic Affairs runs a day-long training session for new faculty members.  For more information contact Peter Mozley.

2018 New Faculty Orientation Schedule

Recordings of selected presentations.

Useful Information for New NMT Faculty

Academic Honesty Resources


Senate Faculty Development Committee

The Faculty Senate has a very active Faculty Development Committee, which organizes mentorship for new faculty and training events every semester.  In recent years the committee has hosted a very successful spring-semester Faculty Research Workshop in collaboration with the Vice President for Research and Economic Development.  Events/activities scheduled so far for the 2018-2019 academic year include:


Faculty Development Resources

A collection of useful resources on a variety of topics can be found in our Faculty Development Resources Google Drive Folder.  Note: this material is only accessible from New Mexico Tech authorized accounts. The material is also available upon request to Peter Mozley at peter.mozley@nmt.edu

Other relevant faculty resource pages include:

New Mexico Tech Academic Honesty Resources

Assessment of Student Learning at New Mexico Tech

Student Privacy (FERPA)

NMT Academic Affairs Calendar (includes most scheduled development activities)