Research Ethics Series

Workshops throughout 2020-2021 Location: VARIES Time: Noon-1:30 PM 

Researchers face many ethical challenges in their work. For instance, while 5% to 10% of researchers admit to falsifying data, fabricating results, or plagiarizing, around 50% of researchers struggle with more “questionable research practices” such as selective citations and not reporting negative results (De Vrieze, 2021; Gopalakrishna et al., 2021). This new series, sponsored by the Office of Research, aims to provide more robust education in research integrity to handle these challenging ethical issues that go beyond the bare minimum of avoiding obvious misconduct.

There will be 4 events throughout the 2021-22 academic year, based on topics selected in a survey of the NMT community. All events are free, recorded, and open to any NMT students, faculty, and staff, including all NMT affiliates. Please share this event with your colleagues, labs, research groups, students, and friends. *Additionally, for any labs or research groups that attend at least 3 workshops, your team will be eligible for a free dinner raffle.*

  1. Conflicts of Interest & Sponsorship Bias

Date & Time: Tuesday 9/21/21 from 12-1:30 PM

Location: MSEC 101

Description: The series begins with a talk on financial conflicts of interest and sponsorship bias. The speaker is Dr. Chris ChoGlueck of the CLASS Department. He will lead a discussion questions on the sources of conflicts of interest and potential solutions, as well as small group discussions of case studies.

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  1. Ethical Data Management

Date & Time: Tuesday 11/9/21 from 12:1:30 PM

Location: WEIR 102 and ZOOM

Description: The series continues with a workshop on data managment ethics. This event will feature two NMT scientists: Dr. Matt Heizer (Bureau of Geology, NMT Earth & Environmental Science) who will discuss data integrity and ethical standards, and Dr. Becky Reiss (NMT Biology) who will explore data transparency and ownership. There will be small group discussions of case studies, and the event will be available with a hybrid option via Zoom.

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  1. Responsible Mentoring

Date & Time: Spring 2022

Location: TBD

Description: TBD

  1. Ethics of Replication

Date & Time: Spring 2022

Location: TBD

Description: TBD


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