The New Mexico Tech Rugby Alumni Association is an organization formed in 2024 and
managed by rugby alumni. The Association is recognized by the New Mexico Tech
Rugby Club, New Mexico Tech Foundation and NMT Physical Rec as the
representative of alumni interests in the rugby club.

The Association operates under a set of bylaws outlining our objectives, roles &

● The promotion of the game of rugby in Socorro and within the New Mexico Tech
● To generate, administer and disperse funds, consistent with the New Mexico
Tech Rugby Clubs’ needs and long-term interests.
● To represent the interests of NMT Alumni in rugby, to the NMT Rugby Club and
College administration.
● To advocate and advise – only as requested by students, administrators and
coaches – on matters related to the Club, assuring its long-term financial health,
competitiveness, stature and traditions.
● To improve the quality and consistency in decision-making and communications
among Alumni, related to the Club and alumni activities.
● To serve in a stewardship role, maintaining and improving information about past
players and Club history.
● To bring Alumni of the Club together to further their mutual rugby, professional
and civic interests, through individual relationships and organized Alumni

The Alumni Association is a team sport. We need your assistance to help sustain the
competitiveness and traditions of New Mexico Tech. rugby. There are many ways to be
involved, including fundraising, organizing, event planning and sponsorship.