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Alumni Spotlights


NMT's Office for Advancement and Alumni Relations is committed to bringing Techies together, making connections, and continuing the traditions of New Mexico Tech. If you would like to be featured in an upcoming spotlight contact sandi.lucero@nmt.edu. 


Karen Avila (Student) 

Sophomore Karen Avila started on her path to STEM while growing up in Roswell. “When I was little I always wanted to go to medical school. But as I grew up -  especially in high school - I became more interested in aerospace engineering, building things, and 3D printing.” 


Peggy Barroll (1985 & 1990)

When Margaret “Peggy” Barroll was shopping for graduate programs, she looked long and hard at schools with support for teaching or research assistants. Additionally, having spent many years back east, she knew she wanted to be in the Southwest to do geoscience or geophysics. In this area, after all, “you can actually see the rocks,” she said with a smile. 


Bishop Cervantes (2024)

Soon-to-be graduate Bishop Cervantes’ journey to earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from New Mexico Tech began when he was a high school student in Belen. “I originally wanted to go out of state for college, but in my sophomore year of high school, we went on a tour of Tech. I saw the Chemistry labs and the campus and loved it here. Coming here is the best decision I ever made.


Veronica Espinosa (2023) 

Double Alumna, Veronica Espinoza, had a love of STEM from an early age growing up in Sunland Park, NM. But it was her AP Chemistry teacher at St. Teresa High School, Alicia Stevens, who inspired her love of Chemistry, and her parents who encouraged her to pursue her education.  


Jeremy Epstein (1980 BS Computer Science)

From Bell Labs, the National Science Foundation (NSF), and now the White House, Jeremy Epstein, computer science alum from the class of 1980, has had an incredible career and it all started at New Mexico Tech!




Ken Fagan (1961 Petroleum Engineering)

About halfway through his time at Mesa, however, Ken decided he preferred the field of petroleum engineering. “I went to visit an oil field out in northeast Colorado and I really liked the work they were doing. I also visited several oil companies and decided I would rather work in petroleum.” Ken and Marge eventually traveled to Socorro where Ken met with Dr. William Hume, Director of NMT, and Art Stanton, Registrar and Personnel Manager. 



Josie Hastings (2024)

For Senior and Henderson, Nevada native, Josie Hastings, New Mexico Tech was not on her radar until attending a college fair at her local high school. With a passion for chemistry, she originally aspired to study Chemical Engineering, but a mini online course with the Petroleum Engineering department in her Junior year of high school sparked her interest and love of the subject. “I got to learn from different professors and alumni and talk with them about the program. 


Mike Kelly (1972, 1997, & 2000)

You would be hard pressed to find someone more connected to New Mexico Tech than alum, former Regent, and recently retired Professor, Dr. J. Michael “Mike” Kelly.



Johann Lindig (1984 & 1986) 

There is not much Johann Lindig has not done throughout her impressive career. After graduating from New Mexico Tech, Johann got her start in the medical manufacturing of pacemakers. 


Hannah Morgan Smith Meyers (2023)

Hannah Morgan Smith Meyers’ journey to earning two Materials Engineering degrees from New Mexico Tech began as a child growing up in Albuquerque. “I always liked tinkering and inventing, and I liked understanding how things worked.


Scott Williams  (1972, 1984, & 1985)

2022 Techie of the Year, Scott Williams (1972 BS Basic Sciences,1984 Mining Engineering, & 1985 Master of Science for Teachers)