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Liza Apache Department Secretary 575-835-5445 CLASS Fitch 103 

 Communication, Liberal Arts, and Social Science Faculty

Steve Simpson, PhD profile image

Associate Professor, Department Chair, Technical Communication

Steve Simpson, PhD
Mary Dezember, PhD profile image

Professor, Writing and Liteature

Mary Dezember, PhD
Rafael Lara-Martinez, PhD profile image

Professor, Hispanic Studies, Spanish

Rafael Lara-Martinez, PhD
Rosário Durão, PhD profile image

Associate Professor

Rosário Durão, PhD
Elisabeth Kramer-Simpson, PhD profile image

Assistant Professor, Technical Communication

Elisabeth Kramer-Simpson, PhD
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Assistant Professor, English

Jesse Priest, PhD
Christopher ChoGlueck, PhD profile image

Assistant Professor, Ethics

Christopher ChoGlueck, PhD
Yulia Mikhailova, PhD profile image

Assistant Professor, History

Yulia Mikhailova, PhD
Nicholas M Kelly, PhD

Assistant Professor, Communicatoin, Liberal Arta, Social Sciences, English

Nicholas Kelly, PhD
Shawn Higgins, PhD profile image

Assistant Professor, Writing and Literature

Shawn Higgins, PhD
Taylor Dotson, PhD

Assistant Professor, Social Science

Taylor Dotson, PhD
Dr. Matt Johnson

Assistant Proffessor | Spanish and Hispanic Studies

Matt Johnson, PhD
Gaby Benalil, MM profile image

Lecturer, Music Performance Coordinator

Gaby Benalil, MM
Lois Phillips, MA profile image

Lecturer, German Language

Lois Phillips, MA
Michael Bouchey, PhD profile image

Lecturer, Social Science

Michael Bouchey, PhD
Stephanie Pick-Baca, MA profile image

Instructor, History

Stephanie Pick-Baca, MA
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Instructor and Writing Program Coordinator

Maggie Griffin Taylor, PhD
Roland Rowe, MA profile image

Instructor, Writing and Literature

Roland Rowe, MA
 Janet Kieffer, MA profile image
Glenda Stewart-Langley, MA profile image

Instructor (Retired)

Glenda Stewart-Langley, MA
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Department Secretary

Liza Apache
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Professor Emeritus

Doug Dunston, DMA
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Professor Emeritus, English and Philosophy

Susan Dunston
Teresa Apodaca

Instructor, Theater

Theresa Apodaca
Dr. Pineda

Lecturer | Policy Science

Dr. Juan de Dios Pineda