Dr. Kenneth R. Minschwaner

Marv Wilkening Endowed Professor

Kenneth R. Minschwaner, PhD

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I teach physics and study the Earth's atmosphere at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (NMT). The Physics Department at NMT has been my home since 1994. We have a robust and challenging program with about 80 undergraduate students and 30 graduate students working on research topics in primarily astrophysics or atmospheric/planetary physics. I've taught courses across the physics curriculum at NMT, from introductory classes in climate and sustainability to graduate-level quantum mechanics.

My research activities include ground-based and balloon measurements of atmospheric composition, retrievals of atmospheric properties from satellite observations, analysis of global atmospheric measurements from space, and computer modeling of atmospheric phenomena. This work touches on research topics in climate, stratospheric and tropospheric ozone, photochemistry, the thermosphere and space weather.

Research Areas

Middle and Upper Atmosphere Research