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Assistant Professor of Lab Instruction

Carlos Lopez-Carrillo, PhD

Personal Webpage

  • (575) 835-5047
  • Workman 111

Office Hours

  • Mondays & Thursdays — 1:00pm–1:50pm
  • Wednesdays — 2:00pm–4:50pm

Current Research

Doppler Radar data analysis and Hurricanes, in particular, I enjoy looking at the formation of these disturbances; the genesis of a Hurricane from more ordinary tropical convection is a fascinating problem. I've been working with data from HS3 (The Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel) program, collected using HIWRAP (High Altitude Imaging Wind and Rain Airborne Profiler). HIWRAP data let us explore the inner core of the storm and it is the ideal counterpart to the dropsonde data, which allows us to understand the environmental conditions where the storm is evolving.