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HAZMAT Safety Information


Our mission is to uphold university policy that states “New Mexico Tech is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all its employees. The Institute complies with all applicable requirements issued by the state of New Mexico and the federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA); and implements a site‐specific safety and health program for each of its facilities. Management and all employees share the responsibility for the success of the safety and health program. It is the policy of New Mexico Tech to exercise precautions necessary to protect employees from accidents.” 

For safety trainings and additional safety information go to Safety on Canvas. If you need access or assistance please contact Benjamin Thomas at hazmat@nmt.edu or 575-517-0646. 


Laboratory Safety

NMT Research Safety Plan

NMT Laboratory Safety Manual

Risk Assessment

Electrical Safety Appendix D

Building a Safety Culture at NMT

Incident Report Form

Laboratory Self Evaluation Checklist

Hazardous Waste Disposal

HAZMAT Pick Up Instructions

HAZMAT Chemical Pick Up Request Form (Form Fillable PDF)

HAZMAT Universal Waste Pick Up Request Form (Form Fillable PDF)

HAZMAT RAD Pick up Request Form (Form Fillable PDF)

Fire Safety and Door Signage

Information on NFPA 704 Hazard Identification System 

Printable NFPA Diamond For Lab Door Exteriors

Satellite Accumulation Area Regulations 

Printable Satellite Accumulation Area Signage for Accumulation Sites

Laboratory Hazards Signage for Lab Door Exteriors