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NMT Research Office

Latin American Initiatives

New Mexico Tech's Research Office Latin American Initiatives for STEM Education (ROLAI) serves the public through promoting applied research, professional development, and teacher education, benefiting the people of New Mexico and Latin America,  in a world responding to a new array of economic, political, and social challenges. 

ROLAI's goal is to extend the frontiers of knowledge through research and scholarship on academic leadership, public service, and decision-making. 


New Mexico Tech's Research Office Latin American Initiatives for STEM Education is dedicated to excellence in STEM Education, leadership and scholarship.

Through short bridge programs and international agreements for collaboration in teaching and research, we are preparing this generation of students, researchers and professionals with the insights and practical skills necessary to address the world's challenging problems in STEM education.

ROLAI prepares students, researchers, and professionals for leadership positions in public and private education and business organizations committed to improving the complexities of a modern word through innovative STEM education and leadership.

ROLAI brings together excellence through education, business, and public policy to study and engage in STEM education projects serving public, private and social-sector organizations.

We offer access to the rigorous, multi-disciplinary, academic and experiential preparation that students, researchers, and professionals need to flourish in exciting research, teaching and professional positions in institutional settings.