General Research Forms and Information

Proposal Routing Sheet (word doc) -- Please download and complete this form, attach it ot your research proposal, and route it for administrative signatures BEFORE submitting it to a funding agency.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form --  You must disclose any potential conflicts of financial interest that exist for any of your research projects.   Complete this form and include it with the Proposal Routing Sheet and your proposal when you route it for administrative signatures.

Export Control Form -- Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and Internationational Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) prohibit the transport of certain items when traveling outside the U.S., regardless of the type of funds used to pay for the travel. In addition, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) may prohibit travel to embargoed countries even when exclusions to EARand ITAR apply. In order to determine if there are any restrictions against traveling or transporting items to the foreign destination, complete the Export Control Form.

Summer Salary 2024.doc / Summer salary.pdf -- Use this form to request up to three months of summer salary.  You must have valid account numbers from which to draw all support money.

IRB Forms and Information -- Please use these forms to describe how your research project will use human participants.  Attach completed form to your IRB Application Form.

Hiring graduate students Center for Graduate Studies:  -- All contracts, forms, and guidelines for hiring graduate students are available on the Center for Graduate Studies webpage.

Plan for a Safe and Inclusive Work Environment:

NMT requires a plan for a safe and inclusive work environment created—and distributed to each participant—in advance of departure for an off-campus research activity. Off-campus or off-site research is defined for this requirement as "data/information/samples being collected off-campus or off-site, such as fieldwork or research activities on vessels and aircraft." The intent of this requirement is to provide guidance and protection for participants when they do not have ready access to the on-campus in-person resources they normally do. The underlying premise is that all participants need to know how to recognize and report inappropriate behavior and receive guidance in advance about how to feel safe and protected, even when they are away from campus.  This plan must be submitted to the NMT Research Office ( before your proposal is submitted to the funding agency. For those PIs who have current awards, please submit your plan at this time, before you leave for another off-campus research activity. FAQs


Hazardous Waste Forms:

 Laboratory Inspection Form

Hazardous Waste Pick Up Form


Budgeting, Pricing, and Charging Guidelines

Fringe Benefits

F&A Rates


New Mexico Tech HSI Designation Letter

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