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New Mexico Tech

Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

New Mexico Tech leads education and research in science, technology, engineering, entrepreneurism, and mathematics (STE2M) for New Mexico. 

• We educate a diverse student body in foundational and collaborative student-focused programs.  

• We expand the body of knowledge through cross-disciplinary, culturally relevant, and challenging discourse in an inclusive setting.

• We forge scientists, engineers, and leaders for the future. 

• We pioneer innovation through leading edge research and creativity, and entrepreneurship.

• We serve the public through research, scientific knowledge, economic development, and STE2M

Our Vision

To be an inclusive, distinguished, and vibrant community of scholars dedicated to education, research, and innovation to meet the science, technology, engineering, entrepreneurism, and mathematics (STE2M) challenges of tomorrow.

Shared Values (5 E’s):

New Mexico Tech’s shared values inform the actions the University community will undertake in fulfilling our mission and in accomplishing our vision.

• Excellence in Teaching, Learning, Research, and Integrity: We pursue    excellence and distinction in our academic, intellectual, creative, and personal pursuits with the highest integrity. 

• Empowering Student Success: We provide engaging and comprehensive educational experiences that facilitate our students' growth, development, and ability to serve their profession, community, and society.

• Entrepreneurial and Innovative: We are creative and innovative problem solvers whose solutions advance disciplines and promote economic impact. 

• Engaging the Community: We serve the communities we live in, our professional communities, and the public mission of the institution. 

• Equitable, Inclusive, and Collaborative: We all have a stake in and responsibility for NMT’s continual achievement of DEI excellence and in creating an environment where anyone can come and achieve their goals.