Register to Vote - National Voter Registration Day

National Voter Registration Day
This event was held successfully!
Thank you everyone who helped out to make this event possible!
Randon Pictures of the Event (Photo credits to Christine Burril)
National Voter Registration National Voter Registration
Tuesday, September 25, is National Voter Registration Day and the GSA is partnering with AAUW to register students to vote on campus in Fidel from 11-1pm
We need your help at the table to engage students, help answer questions and hand out information and swag as well as getting the word out about this event.
Did you know?
…."Two-thirds of college students surveyed who did not vote in 2010 cited reasons having to do with a lack of information rather than a lack of interest, citing issues like a lack of familiarity with the voting process, missing important deadlines, and being confused about residency rules.” - Campus Vote Project
Please email us ASAP  at if you can help out with any of the following!! Plus earn volunteer points. 
1) Put up Flyers Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon             (0.25 points)                                                    
Put up flyers in at least 2-3 buildings 
2) Help set up tables in Fidel 10:45-11    (0.5 points)                                                 
Table shift 11:00-11:30
Review voter registration info prior to shift
3) Table shift 11:30-12:00                         (0.5 points)                                        
Review voter registration info prior to shift
4) Table shift 12:00-12:30                          (0.5 points)
Review voter registration info prior to shift
5) Table shift 12:30-1:00                            (0.5 points)
Review voter registration info prior to shift
Help break down table 1:00-1:15
Shift are absolutely flexible to work around your schedule - use times as guide. If you can’t volunteer don’t forget to stop by and register yourself or update your info, and find out where to vote!