Get Involved With The GSA!

Below are just a few of the ways you can help. The GSA only works if you make it Work!

Fall2018 GSA BBQ
Get Involved with the GSA!

The Graduate Student Association is a volunteer-run student organization here at NMT. Our mission, as stated in the GSA const itution, is to enhance the academic, intellectual, and social environment for the graduate students at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology and to promote the interests of graduate students within the Institute community, including efforts to improve the quality of life for graduate students. This means advocating for YOU here on campus. But we need you to do it. Below is a list of ways that you can be involved in shaping grad life at New Mexico Tech.



Graduate Students can volunteer in a number of ways. Be on the lookout for emails from the GSA about volunteer opportunities!

Semester Barbecue

Travel Grant Review Committee

GSA Student Research Symposium Poster Competition

Thanksgiving Dinner (Fall Semester only)

These events are held every year. We need help making them great for all of us. If you're interested, send an email to


Attend Regular GSA General Meetings

Have an issue you want to bring to the rest of the graduate students? Do you have an event, club, or opportunity that you shamelessly need to self-promote? GSA general meetings are the place for you! Our meetings are held once a month in the library Tripp Room. These meetings are a time graduate students to meet, talk, and announce what is going on around campus. Watch your emails, we'll let you know when the next one is.


Become a Department Representative

Department representatives are responsible for summarizing GSA general meetings for the respective departments. It's an important service; not every graduate student can attend every meeting so the department representatives report back to keep everyone updated.

Email us at if you want to become a department representative


Run for GSA Officer

NOMINATIONS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED! Click here to nominate a student for the next 2024/2025 academic year. Whiles nominations are currently closed, you can be on the look out for friends who you think will serve GSA in the right way for the upcoming year.

There are six officer positions of the GSA: President, Vice President, Appropriations, Events, Information, and Grants. As a collective, the officers conduct the general business of the Graduate Student Association. We elect new officers every spring semester. The officer terms lasts one year, spring to spring semester. The past officers help transition the new officers into their positions during the election.

Being a GSA officer is a serious time commitment. Weekly office hours are required, attendance to GSA events is encouraged, and open communication with the President and Vice President is expected. General duties for each officer consist of:

President: Ensure that the GSA runs smoothly. Interface directly with the Dean of Graduate Students, President of the University, and other key administrative members to improve graduate life at NMT.

Vice President: Organize the department representatives, interface with the student government association (undergraduate equivalent of the GSA), and manage the volunteer points for current graduate students.

Appropriations: Prepare and execute the annual GSA budget. Inform other officers of changes in budgetary priorities and shortfalls.  

Events: Plan, organize, and execute GSA events. Advertise events in conjunction with the information officer. Manage graduate student volunteers.

Information: Manage the message, image, and other GSA related items. Ensure the GSA website is up to date with the latest information.

Grants: Notify graduate students of upcoming travel grant deadlines. Organize travel grant reviewers and manage travel grant paperwork for all grants issued.