APS DFD Poster Detail

More information about the poster by David Avalos-Violante, et al.

schlieren image of cone
High-speed schlieren image of a cone with 4k resolution 4096x2300 pixels
quantitative density
Quantitative schlieren techniques are used to convert the schlieren image intensity to a density value.  An assumed cylindrical symmetry is applied for this calculation. 

The density variation around supersonic projectiles are characterized using quantitative high-speed schlieren photography. This experiment uses a method for acquiring the density variation using a light-dark boundary. As a projectile passes through the light-dark boundary, a schlieren effect can be visualized. A streak image is then produced to reconstruct the projectile. A lens- based schlieren system with a high-speed digital camera recorded images which were used to obtain density fields via the quantitative schlieren calibration process to serve as a comparison with the experimental streak image. The projectiles were 10° half-angle sharp cones fired from a 0.50"-caliber barrel. The projectiles were imaged while traveling at approximately 740 m/s, or Mach 2.10

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