New Mexico Tech Information Services Department

Welcome to the Information Services Department (ISD). Within this website you will find information about ISD and the main functions we perform for the campus community. We endeavor to keep this information about our organization and the services we provide for faculty, staff, students and now the Socorro community up-to-date and useful as possible. Check out the new printing services we offer!

What We Do

  • Work Order Submission for Network, Telephone, Alarms, Printing or any other ISD service may be placed by emailing us with your problem and an account number at isd-workorder at admin•nmt•edu or calling us at (575) 835-5700 during normal working hours (8-5, M-F, excluding lunch).  You may leave a message if this is an after hours call.

  • Printing Services

Our Print Plant provides printing services to students and staff at New Mexico Tech as well as the Socorro Community. We offer press printing, duplicator printing, 81/2x11 color printing, folding, cutting, booklet making, comb binding and copying. We produce items such as official letterhead, envelopes, business cards, programs, and manuals to name a few.

We provide the campus with access to the normal Internet as well as several national backbones, including Internet2, National Lambda Rail (NLR) and ESNet.  Access is provided from department-provided offices and wireless access nodes throughout campus. These connections are protected from the outside with firewalls and monitoring services and are supported with on-site support staff. Local on site support is available for all New Mexico Tech-owned equipment.

Our Residential Computing Network (RCN) offers Internet and Internet2 to all students living in Tech sponsored housing. In order to ensure your connection is as reliable as possible, our network is constantly monitored by ISD staff. Technical support is available for setting up your network connection.

New Mexico Tech provides Wireless Internet access to all students, and all staff and faculty that also purchase a wired connection. Guest access is available by named sponsorship.

We provide the communication infrastructure for the campus, including telephone, fiber optic and cable TV cables, telephone infrastructure, various notification systems and digital paging. We install and maintain both the internal plant (inside buildings) and external plant (between buildings and locations).

We provide campus licensing agreements to the NMT campus.  Restrictions apply, but most software is available at minimal cost to the end user.
  • Hosting Services
ISD offers a  wide variety of hosting services for the NMT community. Custom server deployments and design services are available.  Hosting services are very flexible and a wide variety of options are available, including: server backups, load balancing, failover and system and application software maintenance.
The DDC is offered through a partnership with The National Safety Council's Online Training. This course is offered to students, staff, and off campus personnel who require the course. The State of New Mexico requires its employees who drive state vehicles to posses a DDC Certification. DDC Certifications may also be required by the Judicial System for traffic violations.