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Universities are becoming more diverse as they reflect the changing demographics within our country.

While an engaged, diversified student body strengthens the university, there is a need for new, strategic, and thoughtful approaches to supporting all students so they can successfully navigate their higher education path. 

Although NMT students are highly sought after by employers in the STEM workforce, women and students from underrepresented populations still face significant barriers to entering STEM occupations and professions.

Establishing a Women's Center and a Diversity Center on the New Mexico Tech campus will show Tech's commitment to foster equality across all genders, backgrounds, and ethnicities.

These centers will help attract and retain marginalized students, women, and members of the LGBTQ+ community, creating a more diverse talent pipeline.

Students from all backgrounds will feel that there is a place for them at our STEM- and student-focused university.

A goal of $1.2M has been set to fund an Executive Director position.


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