Event Supervisor Resources

This page provides resources (including how to videos) for Science Olympiad event supervisors. Please refer to the following information for creating an account, creating exams, grading, and building events.

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Creating an Account

  1. Create account/register as an Event Supervisor on scilympiad.com/nm
  2. Role: Select “Event Supervisor” 
  3. Scilympiad.com will ask you to sign in as an event supervisor
  4. Go to “Event Supervisor” tab.  If you have not been assigned to an event, email sharon.sessions@nmt.edu & ann.dunklee@nmt.edu to be assigned to an event. 
  5. Once you’ve been assigned to an event, you can create tests (see videos attached below).

 You can view a video for how to create an account here: 

How to Create Exam

You can creat exams after being assigned to an event. See this video to learn to create exams:   


Grading an Event

You can view this video to learn more about grading an event: 


Build Events

  • Students will submit videos that are taken in a given time frame (e.g. 8 minutes).
  • Can start the “drop in” event even days earlier (March 17, 18, or 19) so that parents can help video event.  
  • Recommend setting up a test for the length of time students are allowed to demonstrate their build activity (for example, test duration 8 minutes, video will show start time on the screen, they run the activity, then show time on screen.  
  • Students can email video to you, upload to dropbox or google form (some school devices have trouble with google forms). 

Additional Information

  • Register ASAP on scilympiad.com/nm
  • Complete the Science Olympiad Volunteer Training at https://www.soinc.org/training/volunteer-training
  • Upload your exam early!
  • Exams are 50 minutes
  • There is a feature that records how much time students spend out of browser.Students often work in teams of 2.  Some will be in the same room, some will be in different rooms (depending on the online facilities)
  • Students can communicate via chat feature on scilympiad.com, on cell phones, or on Zoom.  If they use the latter, these must be turned on before the start of the exam