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The Technical Services Department is responsible for all library aquisitions. This includes both print and electronic items. For more information on each of these types of acquisitions, please see the appropriate section below.

Print Acquisitions

Our Cataloging and Acquisitions Department is responsible for ordering print books and other physical media (cds/dvds/blu-rays) for Skeen Library.

For requests made by NMT Faculty and Staff, please use the following form:

Acquisitions order form (NMT faculty and staff only)

NMT Students may suggest an print acquisition on our help form (please use Suggestion Box as your drop down option for "What can we help you with?").

For any questions regarding print or physical media, please contact: 

Cynthia Pearse - 575-835-6650

Electronic Acquisitions

Skeen Library has a wide variety of electronic resources. You can find more on our currently available electronic resources here.

If you cannot find what you're looking for, and think we should subscribe to a particular eresource, please contact:

Chandra Reed - 575-835-5535


Skeen Library accepts donations consistent with our mission and collection policy. We are happy to discuss and assess any donations.

If interested in making a donation, please contact: 

Cynthia Pearse - 575-835-6650

Dr. David Cox - 575-835-5030

Books / materials donation form.

Thank you for your interest in donating to Skeen Library!