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NMT 2027 Strategic Five-Year Plan (2023-2027)

A Strategic Plan Task Force was formed in 2022, with faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community members. The committee met throughout 2022 to draft vision, mission, and value statements and strategies for continued growth and development of the university. Based on committee discussion and input from the NMT Campus Community Listening Tour (six sessions), the committee identified six strategic themes, defined as a set of related goals, with associated key objectives, tasks, and potential metrics to pursue over the next five years, as follows: Empowering Student Success, Enriching Engaged Learning, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) Driven Excellence, Amplifying Research, Energizing Community, and Financial Resilience. 

In March 2022, President Wells and the Oversight Committee (i.e. Campus Vice Presidents) of the NMT 2027 Strategic Plan Task Force  Committee created an Executive Boards (eBoard) comprised of the campus AVPs to take the lead in creating a 5-year plan (i.e. 2023-2027).  Below is the eBoards Charge:

NMT 2027 Strategic 5-Year Plan Draft (As of 11/29/2022)

NMT 2027 Strategic Plan Working Draft (As of 10/10/2022)

Feedback Opportunities

Below are several mechanisms for which to share your input and comment on any or all the theme areas:

Themes-Specific Input- Please review each of the themes below or the ones of specific interest to you.  There will be an opportunity to make comments on the associated Goals, Key Objections, and Potential Tasks.  Your input will be shared directly with the respective Steering Committee Chair. 

Strategic Plan Fall 2022 Update SessionThe Executive Committee of the NMT Strategic Task Force hosting an update session for the campus community on Wednesday, October 12, 2022, from 1:00-2:00 p.m., Workman 101.  Here is a recording of that campus update.  

Direct Email Comments to Steering Committees- Tech community members can review the strategic plan above and send email comments to the specific Steering Committee Chair or Liaison.  Those email addresses can be found below under the Strategic Plan Task Force Committee under Section C.

Brief Survey-  The Executive Committee of the NMT Strategic Task Force has created a survey to solicit additional information on the plan’s themes, as well as seek volunteers to serve on working groups.  We are looking for additional members who may have an interest during the Implementation Phase of the plan. 

Strategic Plan Feedback Survey

Steering Committee Listening Sessions- In the month of October, each of the themed Steering Committees will host listening session/s on the plan, with a focus on their established Goals, Key Objectives, and Potential Tasks.   Zoom will be utilized to stream the event to gather additional input of those Tech community members who are unable to attend F2F. The dates and times of the Theme-specific Listening Session are below:

Empowering Student Success and Enriching Engaged Learning (meeting together):

DEI Driven Excellence

Amplifying Research Innovations

Energizing Community

Financial Resilience

All of these events will be recorded and archived here.

NMT Strategic Plan

Mission, Vision & Values Draft Development - Fall 2022