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Prior NMT Strategic Plans

NMT 2027 Five-Year Strategic Plan (2023-2027)

A Strategic Plan Task Force was formed in 2022, with faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community members. The committee met throughout 2022 to draft vision, mission, and value statements and strategies for continued growth and development of the university. Based on committee discussion and input from the NMT Campus Community Listening Tour (six sessions), the committee identified six strategic themes, defined as a set of related goals, with associated key objectives, tasks, and potential metrics to pursue over the next five years, as follows: Empowering Student Success, Enriching Engaged Learning, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) Driven Excellence, Amplifying Research, Energizing Community, and Financial Resilience. 

In March 2022, President Wells and the Oversight Committee (i.e. Campus Vice Presidents) of the NMT 2027 Strategic Plan Task Force  Committee created an Executive Boards (eBoard) comprised of the campus AVPs to take the lead in creating a 5-year plan (i.e. 2023-2027).  Below is the eBoards Charge:

A.  Strategic Plan Oversight Committee

  1. Stephen Wells,  President
  2. Cleve McDaniel,  V.P. Administration & Finance
  3. Mike Jackson, Interim V.P. Academic Affairs
  4. David Greene, V.P. Student Life
  5. Nelia Dunbar, Acting V.P. for Research
  6. Peter Phaiah, Chair, Strategic Planning eBoard

B. Executive Board (eBoard)

  1. Peter Phaiah, A.V.P. for Student Life, Chair
  2. Mike Jackson, A.V.P. for Academic Affairs
  3. Jenny Ma, A.V.P. for Administration & Finance
  4. Carlos Romero, A.V.P. for Research
  5. Matt Gallegos, Research Rep.
  6. Dan Lunceford, ITC Rep.
  7. Michael Hargather, Faculty Senate Chair
  8. Veronica Espinoza, BOR Student Rep.
  9. Vanessa Grain, Ex-Officio 

C.  Steering Committees

      Empowering Student Success

  1. Mike Jackson, eBoard Liaison
  2. Mike Hargather, eBoard Liaison
  3. David Cox
  4. Theresa Kappel
  5. Taffeta Elliott
  6. Andrei Zagrai
  7. Shannon Runyon
  8. Curtis O’Malley
  9. Nadia Mabrouk
  10. Valerie Thomas
  11. Brian Borchers
  12. Angela Guitier

   Enriching Engaged Learning

  1. Mike Jackson, eBoard Liaison
  2. Mike Hargather, eBoard Liaison
  3. Bill Stone
  4. Ken Minschwaner
  5. Othello Gamboa
  6. Phil Miller
  7. Dustin Southway
  8. Sarah Stanley

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Driven Excellence 

  1. Peter Phaiah, eBoard Liaison
  2. Jennifer Chapman, Chair
  3. Allison Colvin
  4. Yulia Mikhailova
  5. Tina Zuniga
  6. Jonnie Woody
  7. Sativa Cruz

     Amplifying Research

  1. Carlos Romero, eBoard Liaison
  2. Matt Gallegos, eBoard Liaison
  3. Lorie Liebrock, Chair
  4. Wenyang Gao, Asst. Professor, Chemistry
  5. Pedram Roghanchi, Asst. Professor, Mineral Engineering
  6. Michael Smith, Director, ICASA
  7. Elijah Pelofske, Student Representative
  8. Matt Heizler, Assoc. Dir. For Labs, Sr. Geochronologist, Bureau of Geology
  9. Chelsey Hargather, Assoc. Professor, Materials & Metallurgical Engineering
  10. Spencer Deatherage, NMT Alumnus
  11. Andres Jorgensen, Assoc. Professor, Electrical Engineering
  12. Sheila O’Sullivan, Chemistry Lab Assoc., Chemistry



NMT Enrollment Management Strategic Plan