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NMT Facilities Management


The Warehouse Supervisor oversees Warehouse 
Technicians and the Shipping and FM WarehouseReceiving Technician. The primary function of the Warehouse is to stock the many and varied maintenance and repair parts needed to keep the campus operating at all times. The Warehouse stocks over 4,000 items and a minimal amount of office supplies to meet
Facilities Management's administrative needs.

Warehouse duties include

For inquires please contact the Warehouse at: 575-835-5844

Bottled Gas StorageBottled Gases

The Facilities Management Warehouse department also operates the university's bottled gas service. Bottled gases can be ordered by calling 575-835-5844, or by filling out the Bottled Gas Request Form. Frances Smith is the point of contact for bottled gas deliveries. Cheri Lerew is the point of contact for bottle gas orders and accounting. They can also be reached by email at bottledgas@nmt.edu


When ordering gases, please provide the following information:

Most gas requests can be filled from stock within the Facilities Management's cylinder cage. If the gas is not available in the cage, it can be ordered for a Thursday delivery from the gas vendor. All liquids are also handled through the weekly order system.

Deadline for Thursday delivery is 12:00pm (noon) on Tuesday. All liquids are also handled through the weekly order system.

Note: Bottled gases are strictly a campus service.



Bottled Gas Request Form


Nathan Chavez Warehouse Supervisor 575-835-5844 Facilities Management Warehouse nathan.chavez@nmt.edu
Emma Valles Warehouse Technician 575-835-5844 Facilities Management Warehouse emma.valles@nmt.edu
Silva, Grabiel Shipping and Receiving Tech II  575-835-5844 Facilities Management  Warehouse  grabiel.silva@nmt.edu
Cheri Lerew Senior Accountant 575-835-6196 Facilities Management 114 cheri.lerew@nmt.edu