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Cybersecurity Education Center

Cybersecurity Education Center

The Cybersecurity Education Center (CEC) is an academic center at New Mexico Tech that is focused on cybersecurity education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.


The CEC will assist with students of all ages in cybersecurity issues providing them with the knowledge and skills needed to work and lead as cybersecurity professionals, to increase cybersecurity awareness in New Mexico, and to increase the number of students pursuing cybersecurity degrees and other credentials.


Undergraduate Programs:

The CEC will provide and enable research and entrepreneurial opportunities for students and faculty to:

Engage in applications and research projects, in addition to conventional classroom experiences.

Engage in entrepreneurial activities and intellectual property development in coordination with NMT's Office of Innovation Commercialization.

Collaborative projects with existing NMT research centers, particularly ICASA and the new Cyber-Kinetic Research Center at Playas.

Cybersecurity Centers

Cyber Security Square
Cybersecurity Education Center

Learn more about the education center and programs. 

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Cybersecurity Center of Excellence in Economic Development

Learn more about the economic development center how to grow your cybersecurity business. 


Lisa Ackley Coordinator 575-835-5602 Cybersecurity Centers  Cramer 132D lisa.ackley@nmt.edu
Lorie M. Liebrock Director 575-835-6729 Cybersecurity Centers Cramer 132A lorie.liebrock@nmt.edu
Sihua Shao Visiting Professor 575-835-5932 Cybersecurity Centers & Electrical Eng. TBD sihua.shao@nmt.edu
Jizhou Tong Visiting Professor TBD Cybersecurity Centers & Comp. Sci. & Eng. Cramer 210A jizhou.tong@nmt.edu
Tisha Webb Outreach Coordinator 575-835-5558 Cybersecurity Centers Cramer 132A tisha.webb@nmt.edu

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