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 Director: Lorie M. Liebrock, Cramer 210B, (575) 835-6729

NMT Cybersecurity Centers

Education & Economic Development

New Mexico Tech is developing two closely-related cybersecurity centers, one focused on cybersecurity education and the other focused on economic development for New Mexico.   The two centers are overseen by a single director, Dr. Lorie M. Liebrock, who reports to the Vice President of Academic Affairs and works closely on economic development with the Executive Director of the NMT Office of Innovation Commercialization.


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Cybersecurity Game Jam

Starts at 6 pm on Friday, Nov. 22nd in Cramer 213. Demos will begin at 2 pm on Sunday, Nov. 24.

What is a game jam? The term Game Jam is a way to describe the collaborative act of producing something with no prior preparation in an effort to develop new game material or simply to practice the art of coding. 

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Vince Urias

Vince Urias - Theodore Roosevelt Government Leadership Award Winner 

August 13, 2019

Government Executive Media Group announced the winners of the inaugural Theodore Roosevelt Government Leadership Awards. Vince Urias, a current PhD student and alumnus of NMT, was announced as one of the inaugural leadership winners in the category of Defender. Vince is being recognized for his work on HADES (High-Fidelity Adaptive Deception and Emulation System), a system that applies "revolutionary technology to increase the realism of honeypots and instantly redeploy gathered intelligence for network defense".

Cybersecurity Entrepreneurship Workshop

September 27, 2019   11am - 5pm; Fidel Center Ballrooms

This workshop will bring together cybersecurity ideas, problems, and challenges with entrepreneurial opportunities to grow the cyber economy of New Mexico.

Cybersecurity Education Center

The Cybersecurity Education Center (CEC) is an academic center at New Mexico Tech that is focused on cybersecurity education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The principal goals of the CEC are to educate undergraduate and graduate students in cybersecurity issues, and to provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to work and lead as cybersecurity professionals.

See more about the Cybersecurity Education Center on its web page.

Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

The Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (CCoE) is a state-wide economic development center.  The Center will serve as a catalyst for cybersecurity research, and workforce development in New Mexico by coordinating and facilitating collaborations among NM colleges and universities, government agencies and the private sector.

See more about the Cybersecurity Center of Excellence on its web page.



Lisa Ackley Coordinator 575-835-5602 Cybersecurity Centers  Cramer 210A lisa.ackley@nmt.edu
Lorie M. Liebrock Director 575-835-6729 Cybersecurity Centers Cramer 210B lorie.liebrock@nmt.edu
Sihua Shao Visiting Professor 575-835-5932 Cybersecurity Centers & Electrical Eng. TBD sihua.shao@nmt.edu
Jizhou Tong Visiting Professor TBD Cybersecurity Centers & Comp. Sci. & Eng. Cramer 210A jizhou.tong@nmt.edu

Discord Server: NMT CyberSec