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Andrei Zagrai, PhD


Mechanical Engineering

Space systems and structures: design and practical realization of condition monitoring solutions for space systems; real-time SHM of satellites, spacecrafts and other space vehicles; spacecraft assembly, pre-launch, launch, in-space, and re-entry diagnosis; structural integrity aspects in commercial space transportation; mechanical engineering of space systems. 

Sensors and structural health monitoring (SHM): active and passive technologies for structural monitoring; structural analysis and condition assessment; detection and evaluation of incipient structural/material damage; exploiting the damage-induced material nonlinearity as a diagnostic feature; material characterization; structural identification and damage features extraction algorithms: HHT, correlation analysis, statistical data processing and neural networks applications. 

Intelligent systems, structures, and mechanisms: analysis and design of the smart/intelligent/adaptronic structures and mechanisms incorporating active materials, smart controls and embedded intelligence; Mechatronics, networks of sensors and actuators for global and local sensing methodologies, artificial intelligence decision support for sensor networks. 

Structural dynamics: vibration of discrete, continuous, and complex structures; modeling of the multi-scale structural nonlinearities; dynamics of complex structural systems interacting with granular medium (soil, sand); linear and nonlinear wave propagation in solids, liquids and gases; contribution of the nano-micro-meso scale phenomena into the structural dynamic response.

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