The Civil Engineering Design Showcase

The NMT Civil Engineering Design Showcase will be held on Tuesday, April 14, at 2 PM MST. 

The presentations will be recorded and viewable on this page. During the live portion beginning at 2pm we will accept questions from the public to the presenters.  A moderator will coordinate this through Zoom and guide the question and answer period. This event will run from approximately 2 - 3 PM MST.


2020 Concrete Canoe Design Team

The goal of the 2020 New Mexico Tech (NMT) concrete canoe team was to design and construct a concrete canoe capable of carrying four people and maneuvering through various races. The team followed guidelines provided by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) 2020 national concrete canoe competition and the NMT senior design class. The theme for the 2020 NMT canoe was The Graveyard, and the canoe was adequately named Coffin. The project was composed of multiple activities defined by the team, in the categories of research, design, testing, construction, and reporting. The approach for the design was adapted from previous NMT canoe recommendations regarding the dimensions and material density. The team was composed of five NMT civil engineering seniors, who each were assigned as leading engineers on various project tasks. The main challenges involved with the project included time, cost, and material availability. Innovation, sustainability, and constructability were major design considerations that influenced the canoe mold and final mix design decisions. A black concrete canoe prototype was achievable from the endeavors of each team member.

View the teams presentation here:


NMT Steel Bridge Design Team

The New Mexico Tech Senior Design: Steel Bridge Team was tasked with the design, fabrication, and scored assembly of a 1:10 scale model of a recreational trail bridge to compete in the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Steel Bridge Competition. The AISC design requirements and constraints are provided in detail in the Student Steel Bridge Competition 2020 Rules (SSBC rules). The bridge needed to be composed of members no larger than 3ft 6in x 4in x 6in connected by bolts no longer than 3in. It required two stringers, a 20ft span, and offset footings. After a review of literature two similar Truss-Beam designs were selected for analysis. Post AutoCAD and SAP2000 modeling a final design was selected based primarily on vertical displacement under normal loading. The final design deflection 1.25in under a combined multipoint load of 2500lb. The design was beam stringers supported by an under-truss assembly and connected laterally by a minimum number of diagonal braces. The W shape beams were made of 1 in x 2in, 11 gage, A500 HSS flanges and 1/4in A36 rod truss style webbing. The beams were supported by a truss made of 1/2in, 16 gage, A500 square HSS. The beam member connections were male/female sheath joints and the under-truss members were connected via gusset plates on either side. All members were to be secured by 3/8in grade 8 bolts and nuts. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting cancelation of the competition, fabrication was never completed and no loading was performed. Based on the models and our limited practical testing of experimental members we had high hopes for the performance of our bridge.

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