Abstract Requirements & Information

In order to register your presentation, you must submit an abstract. The following information will help you identify what you need to gather for submission, and give you a few ideas on how to pull your information together.

What is an abstract?

An abstract is a short summary of your research. It should explain the purpose and plan you've used to do your research. For any research based project, you will generally need some type of abstract. The SRS helps you hone your skills in creating abstracts though our Abstract Workshops.

Contact srs@nmt.edu for more information on assistance with abstract construction.

What type of abstract do I need for the SRS?

Your SRS abstract should briefly state the problem or purpose of the research, explain the supported hypothesis, indicate the theoretical or experimental plan used, summarize the principle finding, point out the major conclusions, and if applicable how your research fits into the designated field of study. It should also be understandable for an educated audience of readers outside of the designated field.

Please do NOT include schemes, figures, graphs, tables, charts, or references.

All SRS participants are expected to be professional in the language that they use and to avoid language, humor, or comments that could be considered sexist or disrespectful by colleagues and other students.

Ready to submit your abstract?

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