Get to know our Tutors!


Nathan Rosenberg

At time of writing I am a senior in Environmental Engineering. I have been with the OSL for 4 years and have the most experience here tutoring math classes Calc 2 and below and General Chem and Physics courses. I can also help with the conceptual side and broad overview of most Environmental Engineering classes as well as Soil Mechanics and Hydrology. I like climbing, dancing, and keeping tabs on whether the SGA is being boring or having weird stuff happen.


Mariana Baca

I am a Senior in Physics minoring in Math. I tutor upper-level physics from Mechanics and Electricity and Magnetism to Senior Physics Lab exercises. I also have experience in topics in atmospheric and climate science and tutor math from Algebra and Precalculus through PDEs. In the past I tutored subjects in the Social Sciences and Humanities including English. I love science, art, music, and participating in sports, especially martial arts.


My name is Logan Baeza, I am currently a junior majoring in Math and Physics with the Astrophysics option. The subjects I tutor are Math, Physics, and a little bit of Computer Science. Two of my big interests are cosmology and astronomy. I've recently joined the Astronomy and Physics Club and I like weightlifting/general sports as a hobby.


David Bennecke

Majors: Mathematics, Physics

Subjects: Algebra, Geometry, Trig, Calc 1 to 3, ODEs, PDEs, Basic Concepts, Linear Algebra, Analysis, Vector Analysis...Analytical, Numerical, Proofs, etc., Physics 1 to 2, Comprehensive Physics 1 to 2, Computational Mechanics 1 to 2, Intermediate Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Radiation and Optics, Thermodynamics, Quantum Mechanics, Atomic and Nuclear, etc., General Chemistry 1 to 2, basic programming

I'll rack my brain on anything with anyone, even if I haven't taken it!

Interests: drones, mountains, physics, math....and other stuff, I'm sure.


Mika Bhakta

Hello there! My nickname is Mika, and I am a tutor at the OSL. I'm currently a senior Math major, aiming for a secondary-education minor on the side! I have tutored most math classes, starting from College Algebra to any upper level required math class for Math majors (I can also tutor for the general classes required for all majors). I enjoy cats, the rain, doodling, (attempting to) knit, reading, art, and playing cozy video games. For anyone reading this, keep pushing through!


Jack Darrah

Hello! My name is Jack. I am a Mathematics major and an Education minor. I can tutor Trig, Pre-calc, Calc I – III, ODEs, Basic Concepts, and Linear Algebra. After graduating I plan to teach high school Math. In my free time I am an officer for the SCA Club; we do historical recreation of combat, arts and sciences.


I'm Elijah Henderson, a sophomore Earth Science major. My current interest is in paleontology, but most Earth Science fields interest me. I am on NMT's varsity rock climbing team, and also do martial arts.


Shemariah Maher

Hello! My name is Shemariah, I'm a senior in Civil Engineering and this is my 2nd year with the OSL. I tutor a wide range of subjects including Math (Trig, Precalc, Calcs 1-3, ODEs), Physics (1+2), Chem (1+2), basic engineering (Statics, Mechanics of Materials, Econ), and Civie courses (structures, FEA, Soil Mechanics, Concrete/Steel Design, Transportation, etc.). I'm more than happy to help as much as possible, so don't feel shy about coming over :)!


Grace O'Leary

I am a Math major in my 4th year! I love anything having to do with nature or animals, especially aquatics. I also love my two cats and trying all kinds of delicious foods. The subjects I tutor are Math from College Algebra to classes like Intro to PDEs. I can also tutor the basic Gen-Ed classes as well as Phys 1,2 and Chem 1,2.


Ember Philpot

Hi! My name is Ember. I’m a junior double majoring in Biology and Psychology. I tutor Biology, Psychology, General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry. I like hiking and baking, and you’ll rarely spot me without yarn and a crochet hook.


I'm Natasha Schaal Davis, a senior level biologist at New Mexico Tech, and I'm one of the available tutors at the OSL. I love to tutor for the Gen-Eds, Introductory & General Chemistry & Physics, but I also love to tutor upperclassmen Chemistry and Biology courses; this includes Organic Chemistry levels and Biochemistry levels, which many students find difficult.

I just want to thank you for coming to see me! It's one of the greatest things in the world to teach a new generation of techies how to navigate their awesome journeys in this university and get them to their academic goals.


Hi, I’m Sarah Stanley. I’m a third year Biomedical Science student. The subjects I tutor are Chemistry, Biology and Math. Outside of school I love going to Gardening Club and making music.


My name is Othello Gamboa. I am a junior in the Mathematics department. I will be tutoring in most Math including but not limited to Calc 1-3, ODE’s, PDE’s, and Basic Concepts of Mathematics. My interests are of course mainly in mathematics, but specifically Chaos Theory, as well as the foundations of mathematics.


Hello everyone my name is Ryne Almarinez but I go by middle name Andre, I am currently a sophomore here at New Mexico Tech and I am a Mechanical Engineering major. Being in my second year here at Tech I can say that I have found mathematics to be very enjoyable and that is what I tutor. I can tutor Mathematics up until Calculus II. I have many interests and hobbies such as playing video games and cars and I am also a very big fan of Legos.

To conclude this little introduction: go to the OSL, it’s great! I was a first-year going here and they have been very helpful to me as a student. I am now working here as a tutor so feel free to drop by!



Johnny Williams, Electrical Engineering.

Subjects: Calc 1,2 Physics 1,2 Chem 1,2, Matlab, Solidworks, Autocad experience.

Some hobbies: Soccer, basketball, video games, running.