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Our Vision

The Office for Student Learning strives to be the center for academic student support programs and services that promote student engagement, development and self-efficacy.

Our Mission

The Office for Student Learning is a nexus for student academic support initiatives and seeks to work with curricular and co-curricular programs to foster opportunities for student learning. The OSL provides a space and framework to develop community, foster collaboration, and pilot new ideas. This work is accomplished through a progressive and consistent assessment of student learning outcomes to ensure our work contributes to the advancement of our students and institution.

Our Values

Student development and self-efficacy: By offering resources and guidance that will allow students to build productive habits so that they may succeed on their own.

Student engagement: Through the development of communities where students contribute to one another's educational growth and success.

Collaboration: By strategically targeting beneficial collaborations with students, staff, and faculty within the division of Student Life, across NMT, and with community partners. 

Diversity & Inclusion: By ensuring that our work considers the experience and needs of all who utilize our services, but especially those who are often marginalized in higher education.

Innovation: By creating an environment where new programming and ideas for advancing student success are welcomed and can be designed, developed, and implemented. 

Data-informed decision making: By collecting information on the programs and services offered through our department so that we can make informed improvements that meet the needs of our students where they are today.

Access: By understanding our students, we will identify all barriers, real or perceived, and work to remove them, ensuring all have access and opportunity to succeed.

Our Staff: Agnieszka (Aga) Gabor da Silva, OSL Student Support Coordinator

Email: osl@nmt.edu 

Phone: (575) 835-5241

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