NMT Post Office Policies

(Revised 6/24/2019)


The Campus Post Office is a contract station for the United States Post Office in Socorro, New Mexico. As a contract station, the Campus Post Office can provide the same services that are generally found in any post office operated by the United States Postal Service. The Director of Budget and Analysis oversees the operations of the Campus Post Office and the Post Office Manager reports to the Director.

Daily Operations

The United States Post Office in Socorro, New Mexico prepares the everyday mail, which is addressed to New Mexico Tech addresses. Approximately one-third of the mail received at the Socorro station belongs to New Mexico Tech. The mail is picked up by a van from the main post office and sorted at the contract station at 7:30 A.M., Monday through Friday. Campus Station provides the personnel and vehicle for the pick up. Once received, mail is sorted by departments and individuals. There are approximately two thousand mailboxes to serve the student population, and approximately one thousand available for faculty/staff to rent.  

There are two mail runs during each business day. Morning delivery is generally between 9:30 A.M. and 11:00 A.M. to various buildings on campus. At that time, mail which had been posted after morning route will be retrieved during the afternoon pick-up. The second route takes place between 2:00 P.M. and 3:30 P.M. All out-going mail is collected at that point and returned to the office where the proper postage is affixed and is then delivered to the United States Postal Service station downtown at 4:00 P.M. 

The morning route begins at the Chemistry building and progresses to Fitch Hall, Campus Police, Brown Hall, Weir Hall, Bureau of Geology, Library, MSEC, Speare, Wells and Cramer Halls, NRAO, Jones Annex, Macey/PAS, Daycare, Golf, MRO/State, Iris Pascal, EMRTC, Property, Physical Plant, Old Jones, and PRRC. The afternoon route follows the reverse order. Special pick-ups are available to departments for bulk mail, business reply and other special mailings.

Bulk Mailing Permits

Several departments use the bulk mail and business reply services, which are offered through a cooperative effort with the main post office. Substantial savings are available when bulk mailings are used. Specific pieces of mail and other restrictions apply before these services may be used.

Stamps and Miscellaneous Sales

The customer service window provides stamps in all denominations. Books of stamps are available for purchase, as well as various plain and padded envelopes.

Money Orders

Postal money orders are available from 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. and must be purchased with cash. A small service charge is applied and turned over to the United States Postal Service at 4:00 PM. These money orders are accepted worldwide.

International Mailings

All international mailings now require a completed customs form. A computer is available for use at the post office counter, if assistance is needed in completing these forms.

Fax and Copy Service

The Campus Post Office also provides facsimile and copy services, for the student population and Institute departments. Domestic fax charges are one dollar for the first page and fifty cents for each additional page. International charges are five dollars for the first page, and one dollar for each additional page. There is a fifty-cent charge for each page received, regardless of origin. Documentation received is immediately placed in the appropriate mailbox or the department is notified. 

Copies are available at ten cents per page with special rates available for large projects.

Window Hours

The customer service window is open for postage sales from 9:00 A.M. until 4:30 P.M. and package pick-up or drop off until 5:00 P.M. Monday-Friday to provide postal assistance to all patrons. 

The New Mexico Tech Post Office does not follow the hours of the main post office, but follows the schedule set by New Mexico Tech. Consequently, the campus post office remains open during several holidays that are not observed by Tech. These include Martin Luther King’s Birthday, President’s Day, Columbus Day and Veterans’ Day.

During the winter break, the post office is closed. However, on specified days service is provided for faculty, staff and students. These days will be posted in advance on the post office doors and can vary depending upon the volume of mail received. Please note that there will be no cash transactions during this period. 

Student Mail Procedures

Each student pays the postal service fee included at registration and is entitled to a mailbox. This box will be assigned for the duration of their enrollment. Prior to registration, post office boxes can be reserved by phone to avoid long lines during orientation and allow students to receive mailbox assignments promptly.

Postal boxes have combination locks that can be readily changed as new customers are assigned to a specific box. At the end of each semester, students are encouraged to leave forwarding addresses so that any mail received during their absence can be properly forwarded. Students should be aware that any mail addressed with New Mexico Tech's business address, 801 Leroy Place, can not be forwarded. Once a student terminates his studies at New Mexico Tech, the box is closed, combination changed and serviced for the next patron.

Department Postage

Departments throughout campus do not receive a stamp allocation, but are billed directly. Outgoing mail is metered and postage is charged to assigned accounts. At the end of each month, each department is billed for the amount of postage used. Departmental funds must be used to provide for these expenses. Several departments also charge postage to specific grants and contracts. The pieces must be identified so postal employees can apply the correct charge method.

By the third business day of each month, each department receives a statement of the postage amount used during the previous month. Any corrections need to be brought to the attention of postal workers so that the proper adjustments can be made. Yearly usage statements are also available and should be requested from the Post Office Manager.