Academic Accommodation Request

Academic Accommodation Request

Accommodation Request


The first part of the Student Access Services (SAS) eligibility process is to self-identify as a student with a disability and request accommodations.  

In order to evaluate accommodation and service requests, SAS will need information about how your disability will impact you here at New Mexico Tech. 

To begin the self-identification process, please complete the Student Request for Accommodations form or schedule a meeting with SAS here   

All decisions regarding accommodation requests, including others not listed below, are made in consultation with the student and the Office for Student Access Services based on the individual student and their disability.

IMPORTANT: It may take up to four weeks to process and/or review your information or documentation. Freshman and new students are strongly encouraged to request accommodations from SAS as early as possible prior to attending New Mexico Tech. Current students may request accommodations at any time but are encouraged to make their requests for accommodations as soon as they become aware of a need for one.


Course Accessibility Letter (CAL) Request 

For more information on completing a CAL request and what it means, access the Course Accessibility Letter Process form.

Utilize the Course Accessibility Letter (CAL) Request for each semester that you request academic accommodations. 

After you complete the CAL request, SAS will prepare a Course Accessibility Letter for you and send it via email. You will then send it to the Professors of the set class(es) with accomodations; your accommodations are not in place until you have spoken with your instructor and provided them the CAL .  

Requesting accommodation changes - Please note if you drop or add classes you must consult with the SAS. Contact the Office for Student Access Services at or Schedule your appointment here to discuss changes as part of the introductive process.

Documentation Requirements

Any information/documentation students can readily share during or prior to their first meeting is helpful and can save time in the accommodations process. Student Access Services recognizes that barriers exist and can create hardship for students in regards to having and presenting third party disability documentation. 

Please don't delay submitting the self-identification form out of concern for not having appropriate paperwork. If you have information/documentation, you will be provided an opportunity to upload it with your self-identification form. You can also submit it to Student Access Services by:

Addressing Student Concerns about Accommodations