Accessing lab PC’s remotely for course-specific software

NMT provides more than 100 PCs spread across numerous labs (see here). Because these physical resources are not available to you as the result of COVID-19, if need to utilize the software on those PC’s via distance during your absence from NMT,  ITC is providing the following solution.

Using VMWare Horizon  you will be able to access a virtualized lab machine containing all the software available on the NMT software template over the Internet.  The computational load will be borne by the virtual machine you are connected to with only the display traversing the Internet connection.

The Horizon platform will provide all the functionality of the local lab PC including access to your U: drive.  Horizon can run on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms (including Android and iOS).  Once the Horizon software is installed on your platform, you can access the Horizon server with just your 900# and password, no VPN is required.

Your experience will, of course, be a function of your Internet speed and latency.

Instructions on how to implement VMWare Horizon can be found here.