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CBC Community of Practice

The Codebreaker Challenge (CBC) Community of Practice (CoP) is a National Science Foundation funded project to enhance the National Security Agency Codebreaker Challenge. The CoP is designed to help students and faculty at schools that lack support for student engagement in CBC by providing community support. Schools, faculty, and students with cybersecurity expertise are encouraged to share that with those who are learning. The CoP also includes cultural touchstone resources for those entering cybersecurity to understand the history and evolution of cybersecurity.





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Cyber Cafe

Community members are encouraged to join us every Friday from 12 - 12:45 pm Mountain Time.  Email CyberCenters@nmt.edu for a Zoom invitation.  This open discussion brings together cybersecurity ideas, problems, and challenges.

Cybersecurity Centers

Cyber Security Square
New Mexico Tech Cybersecurity Education Center

Learn more about the education center and programs. 

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New Mexico Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

Learn more about the research, economic development, and workforce develop in the center and how to grow your cybersecurity business. 



NMCCoE Main   NMCCoE Cramer 132 cybercenters@nmt.edu
Lisa Ackley Coordinator 575-835-5602 NMCCoE Cramer 132D lisa.ackley@nmt.edu
Lorie M. Liebrock Director 575-835-6729 NMCCoE Cramer 132A lorie.liebrock@nmt.edu
Jessica Torres Admin. Specialist 575-835-5558 NMCCoE Cramer 132B jessica.trujillo-torres@nmt.edu


Please email us with any questions or concerns at CyberCenters@nmt.edu  (NMCCoE, Cramer 132)


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