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Starting a Club at NMT

Becoming an SGA recognized club can be very beneficial for student based organizations.  SGA clubs can:

There are two types of SGA clubs, full clubs and associate clubs. Associate clubs are recognized by the SGA in all of the above ways except that they can only receive a semesterly budget of $300. Associate clubs are for clubs with five to fourteen members. Associate clubs can, however, still apply for bills or event grants (both of which are decided on a case by case basis).

All clubs wishing to receive SGA recognition are required to complete club registration at the beginning of each semester. The registration can be found on NMIMT's student engagement platform, techConnect. The registration includes:

All forms can be found here.  Additionally, all these items are detailed in the club packet handouts which will be made available during the first few weeks of each new semester at NMT.

Club meetings are held semesterly and are mandatory for club officers. Any information about clubs will be discussed and can be found here.

Clubs that receive budgets from the SGA are required to complete a number of volunteer hours equal to two thirds of their clubs members each semester.

Clubs can be placed on probation from either not completing required volunteer hours, gross mismanagement of funds, or by vote of the Senate following a disciplinary hearing by the Club Advisory Committee. Additionally, new clubs spend their first semester in a probationary period so that SGA officers can ensure that said club is on track to use funds appropriately and help with SGA events as required.  Once a club is put on probation, they are limited to a maximum of $300 for the semester’s budget and can no longer host events. They also may be required to complete additional volunteer hours (over the general formula) over the course of that semester, though this is handled on a case by case basis.

Finally, if there is an interest in forming a new SGA recognized club, the SGA Vice President should be contacted (Office 170 across from the bookstore). Over the years, many SGA clubs have come and gone, and there may be records to help in the formation of a new club if that club has already existed at some point in NMT’s history.