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NMT Robotic Combat STEM Outreach Team

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Contact the NMT Robotic Combat STEM Outreach Team

Program Director: Dr. Curtis O'Malley

Main Office: 575-835-6631

Email: omalley@nmt.edu

Mail Documents & Correspondence to:

Mechanical Engineering Dept. Attn Dr. O'Malley
New Mexico Tech
801 Leroy Place
Socorro, NM 87801 USA

Our Program Team

  Name Bio

Dr. Curtis O'Malley

Mechanical Eng Robotics STEM Outreach Programs Director and Assistant Professor

Dr. O'Malley organizes the K-12 robot combat educational workshop program at NMT and NM robot combat league tournaments. omalley@nmt.edu  


Dr. Kooktae Lee

Assistant Prof of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Lee has been the faculty advisor for the NMT Mechanical Engineering Robot Combat Senior Design Teams since 2018. 



Mason Kasprowicz

Program Developer

Since the Spring of 2021, Mason has assisted in developing the robot design for the NMT Robotic Combat STEM Outreach Team as well as in formulating the curriculum and workshops. He is looking forward to the future of the program and promoting STEM for the next generation.
Jett Emms

Jett Emms

Program Coodinator and AFRL STEM Mentor

Jett is a Program Coordinator for the NMT Robotic Combat program. He has been an undergraduate student at NMT since the Fall of 2018 and plans to pursue a PhD in Mechanical Engineering at NMT around Explosives Engineering. Jett has been apart of the Robotic Combat team for almost a year and has enjoyed working with middle school and high school students who are interested in learning about STEM related topics.

Raechelle Sandoval

Robotics Mentor and AFRL STEM Mentor

Raechelle is a NMT Robotic Combat STEM Outreach Mentor. She is a senior in the mechanical engineering department. In the fall she will be pursuing and PHD in Mechanical engineering. She has been working for the program for a year now and is excited to continue to continue working with the program as more schools join.

William Lucker

Robotics Mentor and AFRL STEM Mentor

Will is a robotics mentor working for the mechanical engineering department. He works as TA at New Mexico Tech and also as a mentor for the NMT Robotic Combat Stem Outreach.

Jared Cannon

Robotics Mentor

Jared is a robotics mentor working to develop the combat robotics program at NMT. He also is the team lead for a design team building a 3lb combat robot. After graduation in December of 2022 he plans to pursue a masters at NMT working with robotic systems.

Zoey Mancuso de Lopez

Robotics Mentor

Zoey is responsible for developing the introduction to robotics content.

Isabella Wells



Emma Nourse

Education Liason

Emma is the Education Liason for the team. She is excited to be working with the NMT Robotic Combat STEM Outreach Team.

Eleanor Rightley

PR Journalist

Eleanor is a PR journalist for the Mechanical Engineering Department and the NMT Robotic Combat STEM Outreach Team. She writes articles to promote and inform the public on current Outreach Team efforts and activities.

Destiny Crawford

AFRL Pathway Mentor


Keely Stockham

Mech Eng Student

Former Robotics Mentor

Luke Strebe

Mech Eng Student

Former Program Developer

Noah Johnson

Mech Eng Student

Former Program Developer

Chris Rood


Former Program Promotor

Lorena Velasquez 


Former Program Promotor

Macs Brown


Former Program Promotor