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Institutional Values

Our Values

New Mexico Tech has defined the following enduring, guiding principles for its continued growth and development as a quality STEM institution of higher education.


Groundbreaking transdisciplinary research that generates knowledge and innovative design for science and engineering and solves challenging and complex problems, driven by a relentless commitment and
focus by faculty, students, and research staff.


Maintaining the highest standards of academic and professional ethics, fairness, and honesty in all endeavors, and being responsible members of the NMT community.


Creativity is integral to all our teaching, research, and business processes and is driven by curiosity, adaptability, and resourcefulness, requiring imagination, vision, risk-taking, and diligence.

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning skills are developed through a rigorous curriculum, a challenging educational experience with a foundation of critical thinking and problem solving, invigorating research and significant professional development that prepares students, faculty, and staff for continuing individual and career growth. 


High-quality education and research drives excellence in all aspects of our mission. 

Economic Prosperity and Technological Development

STEM education, research, technical assistance, and technology transfer are drivers of economic prosperity and technological development in the state, nation, and the world; continuous faculty, researcher, and staff professional development programs and outreach initiatives for underrepresented communities to pursue STEM careers are hallmarks for the future. 

Integrated Planning and Decision Making

Openness, fairness, collaboration, and stakeholder input in university operations are driven by accurate and reliable data made available to the campus community. 

Collegiality and Collaboration

Positive energy, performance, and support from a collegial and collaborative environment, contributes to the advancement of our students, our colleagues, and our institution.