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Dr. Pineda Portrait ImageDr. Pineda received his Doctor Honoris Causa by Tianjin Foreign Studies University, China, on December 2015 for his contributions and leadership in the area of public policy and international education. In 2014, the University of Santander in Mexico conferred to Dr. Pineda the title of Doctor Honoris Causa for his research in the area of Higher Education. In 2012, Dr. Pineda was appointed as a member of Academic Committee of China Ministry of Education's Regional and National Research-Latin American Research Center.

Dr. Pineda has an Executive Education Certificate on Leadership from Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government. He is a visiting professor at the University of Puebla, Mexico, and Tianjin Foreign Studies University. Currently, Dr. Pineda is the Special Assistant to the Vice President for Research & Economic Development at New Mexico Tech and director of the Latin American Research Initiative for STEM Education.

His research on public sector employee professionalization, public policy, higher education, leadership and mentoring in the U.S., Mexico, China, and Latin America has been published in several academic journals, and in numerous technical reports for Mexican and other government entities.  Dr. Pineda is the author or principal editor of twenty-three books. His last two books about “Teacher´s Professionalization in Mexico” and “Comparing Higher Education in China, United States, and Mexico” were translated and published into Mandarin in June of 2014 and last October 2015 by TFSU. He received his PhD in Education from the University of New Mexico in 2007. Dr. Pineda possesses an Executive Education Certificate on Leadership for the 21st Century from Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government.

Dr. Pineda is chairman of the non-profit Americas Conference of Mayors. In addition, he is a member of several scientific journal editorial boards in various countries, including the prestigious State and Local Government Review (U.S.) and the Innovation Journal (Canada).

Dr. Pineda has been a Keynote Speaker and Conference Chair in several International Conferences in countries such as the United States, Mexico, China, Argentina, Bolivia, and others. He is the chair of the Latin American Network in Government and Public Policy (LAT-NET).