High School Attendees

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Interested in STEM? Interested in NMT?

SRS is for YOU!

Whether you are attending the SRS on your own or as part of a class, please contact the Admissions office and they can arrange a campus tour or a department visit.

Office of Admissions

Phone: 1-800-428-8324 

Email: admission@admin.nmt.edu

Good to Know

  • Please park in the Macey Center Parking Lot (see the car symbol on the map )
  • While lunch is not provided at the SRS, all-you-can-eat lunch buffet at the Fidel Center Cafe can be purchased the day of the SRS. If your class wants to eat lunch on campus, please contact Anthony Roybal (575-835-6174) for more details.
  • Questions about the SRS can be addressed to srs@nmt.edu,


We hope to see you this April!