Purchase Contracts 

State and Federal Contracts -- New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (NMIMT) may purchase goods or services from authorized holders of state (SPD) and federal (GSA) purchase contracts.  Suppliers who are authorized to offer goods or services under the terms of a state or federal purchase contract are invited to furnish a copy of the contract to the Purchasing Services Office. Use of a state or federal purchase contract by NMIMT is considered optional. The Purchasing Services Office will review the use of a purchase contract when contemplating a purchase. NMIMT reserves the right to solicit competitive prices, in place of utilizing a purchase contract, when in its best interests.

NMT Purchase Agreements -- The Purchasing Services Office may establish extended term purchase agreements for many commonly used commodities.  A listing of these is available in the Purchasing Services Office.  A supplier is awarded an extended term purchase agreement after being selected through the sealed bid or sealed proposal process.

Please direct any questions or concerns about the content of the Purchasing website to: purchasing@nmt.edu