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Financial Aid Office

Scholarship Information

New Mexico Tech awards academic scholarships, or merit-based aid, solely on the basis of academic achievement. Over 40 percent of New Mexico Tech undergraduates receive merit-based aid. Although family financial evaluations have no effect on academic scholarship decisions at Tech, many scholarship recipients also qualify for need-based financial aid.

To be considered eligible for incoming student scholarships, entering students must file the Application for Undergraduate Admission and Scholarships and be accepted before March 1. The deadline for scholarships for entering freshmen is March 1, and for incoming transfer students April 1. 

Generally, for scholarship consideration, students must:

International students please see the International Undergraduate Transfer Scholarships

Scholarship awards are for the academic year only and may not be used for the summer session. Credit hours completed during the summer session may count as completed credit hours for the purposes of scholarship retention with prior approval from the financial aid office.

The time period a scholarship is in effect is fixed. If the scholarship is cancelled due to academic ineligibility, the originally specified time period is not extended. Students who reestablish eligibility may request consideration for renewal of the scholarship. A written request must be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid prior to the start of the fall semester for scholarship consideration for the following academic year. 


New Mexico Tech awards no more than one scholarship to each student. If you inadvertently receive the offer of a second scholarship funded by New Mexico Tech, you may accept only one. Submit a written statement to the Office of Financial Aid indicating which scholarship you wish to receive.

(Exception: The New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship is stacked on top of any other scholarship you are awarded by the university and non-residents who qualify for a tuition reduction scholarship (Competitive,  WUE or Tuition Reduction Agreement) will also qualify for a merit scholarship. Students who qualify for the CORE tuition reduction scholarship may also qualify for a merit scholarship).