Office of International and Exchange Programs

Policy Statement General

Definition of “international student” at New Mexico Tech

“International” refers to any student, prospective or current, who is neither a U.S. citizen nor an approved permanent resident (i.e., not holding a “green card” or Temporary I-551 stamp in the passport). “International” includes two categories: (1) those currently or potentially attached to New Mexico Tech in a F1 or J1 student VISA status and (2) all others who cannot document U.S. citizenship or permanent residency (including those in other non-immigrant categories, those with pending
permanent residency and those with no legal status).

All international applicants for undergraduate admission are processed through the Office of International and Exchange Programs. All international applicants for graduate admission are processed through the Graduate Office. Contact the Graduate office at

New Mexico Tech is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students. The university is committed to assisting students in maintaining or obtaining legal status, but will not deny educational access to anyone who is academically qualified and can pay the appropriate tuition and fees. To the extent that New Mexico Tech is aware of the immigration status of an international
student, he/she will be advised of the restrictions, regulations and procedures pertaining to that status and/or to the acquisition of legal status.

Prospective students who have applied for-but not yet received approval of legal permanent residency in the U.S. are considered to be “international” and must use the international application form for admission. New Mexico will advise these students concerning their employability and eligibility for financial aid during this period of pending permanent residency.

Admission of degree seeking international undergraduate students:

To apply for admission you must:

Be a student who wishes to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree at New Mexico Tech, must have graduated from secondary school with the equivalent of a 2.5 grade point average and have taken the following secondary coursework:

Read and follow the advice in How to prepare and send documents to NMT. Submit all supporting documentation (official TOEFL score, proof of funds, etc.) as instructed.

All documents should be mailed to:

New Mexico Tech International Programs
Fidel Center, Room 206
801 Leroy Place Socorro, NM 87801 USA

Application Deadlines (all required documentation must be received by):

May 1 for Fall semester & October 1 for Spring semester

Your application will be reviewed as soon as all documents are received.

Pay the application fee by calling the Cashier's Office at 575-835-5515 or mail a money order to the address below.

Read and follow the advice in How to prepare and send documents to NMT. Submit all supporting documentation (official TOEFL score, proof of funds, etc.) as instructed.

“Special” Admission:

At this time New Mexico Tech does NOT admit any part-time or non-degree seeking international students.

Rendering of services:

The Office of International and Exchange Programs provides immigration related benefits to students without regard to race, creed, sex, color or national origin.

Employment of international students:

New Mexico Tech in partnership with USCIS will only allow the following classes of enrolled international students to work on campus:

  1. International students maintaining status as F1 or J1 VISA holders
  2. International students in VISA classes J2, K, P4,A1 and A2 who hold a current
    EAD(Employment Authorization Document, known as a “work authorization card”) from USCIS
  3. International students who have filed for an adjustment of status to permanent residency but have not yet been approved and who hold a current EAD.

International students in all other VISA categories will NOT be allowed employment. Off campus employment is rarely allowed. See International and Exchange Programs Coordinator in Fidel 262 or contact at 505-835-5060

Tracking and Reporting:

All international students enrolled or on OPT for whom New Mexico Tech has issued visa eligibility papers (I-20 for F1 and DS-2019 for J1) are monitored for compliance with federal regulations. New Mexico Tech is required to report to the federal government through SEVIS on the status and whereabouts of all international students and their dependents


The Student Affairs Office is responsible for maintaining records for all international students. These records are kept private and are only available to the staff of the Office of Student Affairs and are subject to the privacy policy of New Mexico Tech. For more information see the student handbook.

Contact Information:

International and Exchange Programs
Fidel Center Room 206