Posters presented by the Sophomore Research Program students

Breana Silvis, "Nuclear vs. Cytoplasmic Gene Expression in Diploid vs. Polyploid Arabidopsis" (Biomedical Sciences)

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Joel Sharbrough

Breana Silvis poster


Olivia Cantrell, "Cross Comparison Analysis on Geostationary Lightning Mapper, High Speed Video and Electric Field Data" (Astrophysics)

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Adonis Leal

Olivia Cantrell


Julian Martinez, "Step Up to Sustainability: Exploring the Viability of Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting in Footwear for Renewable Energy Generation" (Mechanical Engineering)

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Andrei Zagrai

Julian Martinez


Nicholas Hutt, "Comparative Analysis of Concrete Porosity and its Impact on Material Properties using Vacuum Saturation Testing" (Civil Engineering)

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Isabel Morris

Nicholas Hutt poster


Giulia Luebben, "Mathematical Modeling of COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation Strategies" (Mathematics)

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Gilberto Gonzalez-Parra

Giulia Luebben poster


Aubrey Zimmer, "Pinpoint the Location of a Radio Transmitter using Time Delays" (Electrical Engineering)

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kevin Wedeward

Aubrey Zimmer poster